Saturday, January 11, 2020

I am Endgame. I am from France. Maketoys Endgame/MP Dirge

After a year of delays, Maketoys finally followed up Starscream and Skywarp and Thundercracker with the first release of their take on the Conehead Seekers team. Endgame is their version of Dirge, a Decepticon who is known as a brute and bully, but not known for intelligence.  Sporting a rich blue, charcoal, and mustard coloration, he has a look that stands out in a crowd.
This guy has an ugly mug. Several of them. He comes with several face options, optional bombs, and a set of wing fillers for Meteor.  He looks good, but has a rushed feel to him. He's got several sprue marks as well as a few joints with white stressed plastic. Other than some of the torso looseness common to all the figures made from this mold, nothing on this guy feels weak or cheap.

 My biggest gripe with this release is his head is on a tiny balljoint, and easily pops off. Just trying to move the head left or right, and it pops off. Makes swapping out the faces easy thought
 The wings several options for display, included folding all the way back. This can help for his display options.

 He displays well with the official Takara Coneheads. He's far more streamlined, and looks more cartoon accurate.
The wing fillers for Meteor look good. Includes some tape for permanence.

Looks right at home with other 3p and official figures. Really looking forward to updated pics of the other two Coneheads in the Maketoys style, and might switch all of them over. Didn't care much for the official Dirge, and Endgame overall hits the right notes for me.

Do I love it 3000? No, but it gets a solid 2341 loves from me!


  • Colors looks more accurate than the official version
  • Cone and face sculpt look great.
  • Even though it looks better than the official, it looks good with both 3p and official offerings in a mixed group.

  • Head pops off easily.
  • assembly looks rushed. several parts have stressed plastic.