Friday, February 26, 2016

Here kitty kitty!

Few Decepticons are as mysterious as the robotic panther, Ravage. A solitary spy, stealth assassin, an all-around evil kitty, this minion of Soundwave got a new masterpiece toy: MMC Ocular Max Remix Jaguar. Big name for a big mouser!

From a rather bland black square-like "cassette" to the evil cat, Ravage is by and large a "botmode only" figure. The cassette has no definition or detail to even let you know it's a cassette, other than spokes. Cat mode is the kicker. It scales beautifully with the mp line, whereas the official Ravage mp is rather tiny next to anyone other than bumblebee and lacks any menace.
The flexibility with the ball joints and fluid "muscles" let you pose him in all sorts of stalking, hunting poses, or leaps.


  • Fantastic articulation. Very organic poses are possible.
  • The fact it goes from a flat tape into a curved panther is fabulous.
  • Tape case storage. 


  • Scale is slightly too big.

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