Monday, February 8, 2016

Ouch. But worth it? Warbotron Master (Legends scale Grimlock model)

Let me start this review with a disclaimer:  I suffer pain in my right hand and a slight numbness in the fingers, so manipulating small pieces can be difficult for me.  That being said, I was interested to give the Warbotron Grimlock a shot. It was actually rather straight forward to put together. The out-of-the-box plain plastic is rather lackluster. Bright yellow chest, drab grey body, and smoke plastic gun and back. The plastic needs a primer and light sanding to get model paint to hold. Afterwards, it's just a matter of screwing together all the little parts and click the parts together.

Lots of ball joints provide tons of articulation. Transformation is simple, but the Dino head pops off often. Body tabs fairly well, but nothing fantastic. Worth $30... Yeah. If you are willing to attempt to paint it.

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