Monday, April 25, 2016

Dammit, Prime! I'm a doctor! Masterpiece Ratchet

Few Autobots have had more impact in the lore of Transformers than Ratchet. Chief Medical Officer of the Autobot Earth crew, Ratchet has done everything from helping build Dinobots, in the comics he was physically fused together with Megatron, and was one of the first deaths in the 1986 cartoon movie. MP30 tweaked the MP Ironhide mold and the results are fantastic... But there is a lack of surgical precision...

First off, in van mode, I noticed a rust colored blob under the side window. Upon further inspection and cleaning, I think it was blood from the factory, someone painted over it, and left it. Well, the blood ate the paint, and after cleaning up with some light solvent and repainting with enamels, I fixed it up as best I could.
Anyway... On to ambulance mode! As with Ironhide, this is a beautiful van transformer. Everything is pretty tight, so it's not looking like a puzzle on wheels compared to other attempts. The lightbar on the top slides down so Ratchet can fit inside Prime's trailer.

Robot mode, Ratchet is a thing of beauty! Tons of medical accessories in his mobile surgery bay has Ratchet ready for any scenario he may be posed in. Healing ray, wrenches, etc, he's got it all. My only gripe, besides the bloodstain, is that Ratchet seems "thrown together". Lots of wide seems, gaps, and other small cosmetic issues that weren't there with ironhide. Most are fixed by a quick tightening of screws, but it feels somewhat odd to be having to do a qc fix on a Takara product.

If you only pick one of the vans, I think Ratchet is overwhelmingly more imbued with personality, as well as more versatile in an mp display. With so many warriors, it's nice to have a change of pace.


  • Great accessories, and a good mix of G1 toon and toy.
  • Van mode doesn't have huge seams everywhere. Looks fantastic.
  • Paint well done. Very little overspray or missing paint apps.


  • Wheel butt.
  • Hip panels aren't cartoon accurate.
  • Hands are weirdly designed. Very elongated fingers.

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