Monday, April 25, 2016

Pure magnetism! Masterpiece Windcharger... Aka Xtransbots Boost

Another minibot off the 1984 Ark crew list! Xtransbots Boost, an homage to Windcharger, is definitely a "love/hate" relationship in the making. Xtransbots did a beautiful job for the car mode. I haven't been this impressed by a car mode autobot since MP12 Sideswipe! This is a gorgeous TransAm. Details are stunning. Even the keyhole and Pontiac emblem on the wheels are painted! Very amazing!

After a confusing and complicated transformation, that will only be done once, Windcharger in robot mode is a mixed bag. From the knees up, he looks very good. Knees and feet look like someone ran out of time and tossed this together. I know that isn't the case, since this guy was first teased back in 2014!

Some odd screw placements and a sizable "backpack" would have blemished the look, had it not been for several recent official products that also have some questionable design choices. A dab of paint and it's all good.

As far as recommending this guy...  If you are looking to complete a display or collection and only need him to pose, or are a TransAm fan, this guy is a good purchase. The look is there in robot mode, along with great posability, and the car mode rivals Takara products in beauty. However, this guy probably won't last long with frequent transformations. Lots of panels, thin levers, and plastic that doesn't feel as durable as some other third party pieces.  


  • Trans-Am mode is beautiful. Really glossy paint and balanced feel.
  • Scales well with minibots and carbots of all makes and models.
  • Compacts fairly well for such a small toy.


  • Transformation is the thing of nightmares.
  • Chest refuses to stay tabbed into tires.
  • Colors aren't accurate to cartoon or toy.

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