Saturday, April 30, 2016

Send in the clones! MP11

This is a slightly different review, in that it's 4 of the same toy, with only color and minor tooling differences, and different names. To pad the ranks of Decepticons, there are untold gajillions of what had become the "Seekers"... F-15 (or modified F-15) jets of a rainbow of colors, each with his or her own personality. For the purposes of this review, we'll be looking at the Hasbro USA Starscream, the Hasbro Asia Skywarp, and the Takara Thundercracker and Ramjet.

In general, this mold has some similar positives and negatives. All have chests that have varying looseness on a metal slider. All tend to be a tad floppy, and posing is very limited because of legs and incredibly tight ratchets. As a sculpt, it still looks great, and captures the likeness of the seekers beautifully.

Starscream:  Leader of the Seekers and short-term emperor of the Decepticons. Really nice balance of the mold. The chest is tight, but there is some flashing on various parts, most noticeable on the chest and legs. Metallic blue and some red on the torso is the only paint. Really a fantastic piece, and a "must own" if you can only get one of this mold.
Skywarp: Teleporting jokester. My personal favorite of the mold. Very tight chest, near perfect paint and no flashing. Really feels premium compared to other MP11 offerings.
Thundercracker: Decepticon bully. Beautiful colors, but has a really sloppy assembly. My specimen has tons of stress lines, spru marks, overspray, and just really looks more like a KO than an official product. Still, with all its flaws, it looks vastly superior to the TRU offering of Thundercracker offered a few years ago.
Ramjet: Decepticon thug. A "Conehead" from season 2, Ramjet has an awesome Jet mode, and a silly robot mode. The head has a fake "nosecone" shape, duck lips, and huge kneepads. Mine was checked prior to shipping and is ok, but several have been discovered to have backwards shoulders that limit transformation. Paint apps are not as sloppy as Thundercracker, but not as sharp as Skywarp.
To sum up, MP11 has stood the test of time and looks awesome. Only the most completist collector needs to grab all of them, but every collector should try to grab at least one. It's a fun transformation, and really looks sharp. Not everyone is a Seeker, but they wanna be!


  • Design has a good mix of G1 toon and toy.
  • Tons of detail. Airbreaks in jet mode and molded afterburner engines.
  • Face sculpt is good.


  • Floppy. Wings don't like to stay tabbed, and waist likes to come loose.
  • Head and chest sit too high above shoulders.
  • Legs are severely limited in articulation.

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