Monday, May 9, 2016

Fanstoys' Colossal work of art... Masterpiece Sludge /Stomp

Time for a little trip back in time... No, we're not going THAT far back, but just a few years ago. After much acclaim and accolades for their debut figure Quakewave, Fanstoys announced an ambitious project no one at the time was even thinking possible: Masterpiece style Dinobots to go with MP08. Well, several years later and we've come to the second from the last of the Iron Dibots series (last if you are fine with Takara's Grimlock in booties). Stomp, henceforth referred to as Sludge, is quite literally a giant success.

Everything about this figure borders on perfect. Tolerances, scale, weight, design, ease of transformation... Just a beautiful piece. Sludge absolutely crushes nearly every other masterpiece-level figure I've had the pleasure of owning - both official and third party.

In robot mode, he towers over almost all other figures. His girth is just as impressive, easily out muscling all except the oversized Grimlock, Reximus Prime. Articulation and materials are fantastic. He can take on almost any pose you can think of, and the ratcheting joints and strategic use of diecast means he can hold it. Transformation is mostly smooth, some small tabs on the shins are a pain to get out, but otherwise he is the simplest Fanstoys transformation since Swoop/Soar.

Dinosaur mode is fantastic. Massive and intimidating. Like the other Dinobots, he really captures a great blend of G1 cartoon and toy. Unlike most previous attempts at robotic sauropods, Sludge has a fully articulated neck and tail, great for all manner of poses.  Looks great with his comrades, and scales nicely with others in this mode as well.

Overall, this guy is a serious contender for my figure of the year 2016. Everything about him is spot on. In addition to the figure, you also get a red dinobot sword, his gun, tons of face and eye options for both modes, and a fix-it kit for Snarl/Sever for the gap in dinobelly.


  • Perfect dino and robot mode. Just amazing in hand.


  • No toy-accurate leg missiles.

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