Friday, May 27, 2016

"I'm ready for my close-up!" A look at Visualizer and Opticlones /mp reflector

Reflector was a decepticon of many talents in G1... A generic minion that was one mind divided into three robots that combined into one SLR camera. Confused? Yeah, but it's cool anyway! There are several third party options on the market. Fanstoys Spotter (not reviewed), Maketoys Visualizer, and KFC Opticlones.

Maketoys Visualizer.  Really impressive option for Reflector. He has a zero-partsforming transformation.  Build quality is really good, but color and designs aren't perfect for the G1 purist. Each robot has a personalized weapon. Shoulders are a clip-on design. With their stocky build and soldierly look, Visualizer would make a good purchase if you want to army build some generic decepticon troops for your displays.

KFC Opticlones. The largest Reflector, he's a good size bigger and scales on the upper line of what is acceptible for a mp reflector. A little bit of partsforming, but looks spot on to the cartoon, and is a really solid bot once all three are transformed. Lots of tiny, tight panels. Keep some plastic cement close just in case. First transformation, following a video review online, and STILL there are some stress marks! 

If you like noisy things that light up, KFC has you covered! Put in a few watch batteries and in camera mode you can press on the shutter button and hear a click! In robot mode, Optix 1, with the shutter belly, has an LED light to blind his enemies and the significant other who sees you bought yet another toy!


  • Visualizer: no partsforming. Solid construction. Individual toy-accurate guns. Alternative faces.
  • Opticlones: cartoon accurate design and colors. Larger than other versions. Best KFC product yet. Includes energon cubes. Gimmicks can be awesome!
  • Both come with a mini camera for other Decepticons to take pictures with.

  • Visualizer: color is off. Helmets look like swimcaps. Shoulder clips are wiggly.
  • Opticlone: panels are tight, easily stressed or snapped. No individual guns. No alternate faces.

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