Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Robots in Pocket-Size! The world of small-scale Transformers

First and foremost, I'm a masterpiece-scale Transformers collector. That scale and price-point really isn't good for an office environment. For that, I have a small collection of pocket-friendly Transformers from Hasbro, Takara, DX9, and Iron Factory.

Leading my armies of minis are Takara Ths-2 Optimus and Dx9 Mightron (Megatron).
The Optimus has a ton of diecast and is insanely posable with a lot of accessories. Trailer, hands, matrix, axe, gun, display, and more... This guy has a pose for every occasion.
Dx9's mini-homage to Megatron is a pocket pistol that packs a punch. With a beautiful paint job and several accessories, he is more than a match for his Optimus encounters.
Decepticon spies are the creation of Iron Factory. Soundwave, Ravage and Laserbeak. With obscure vehicle and drone alt modes, these guys shine in their robot modes.
Ratchet and Ironhide homages are from Dx9. Great face sculpts, but the van mode and bulky robot modes really limit their fun.
The mini Grimlock from Warbotron designed by Iron Factory has already been reviewed, so check it out in the archives!
The rest of my collection are the regular release Hasbro "Legends" class figures found at Target, Toys R Us, or online as well. Many have been customized with added paint details by me.

As always, for more pics, check out my Facebook galleries.

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