Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bb7 vs official skywarp

There is a lot of questions, confusion, and misinformation circling around the TF-nerd world about the gaggle of ko decepticon jets, or "seekers". This  review will compare the two and hopefully solve some questions you may have. This comparison will be bb7 skywarp vs official mp11sw. Next week I will compare kbb starscream vs TRU starscream.

Physically, they are almost identical! Sprue marks in similar places, paint apps are the same shades, and weight is almost identical, with the bb7 version being a postage stamp heavier than mp11sw.

Major changes, however, are in the articulation and joints. Bb7 clicks solidly, and all the tabs hold, so you have to pull and push to move the wings, or chest missile pods, unlike mp11sw which flopped about easily.

Jet mode is indistinguishable, other than bb7 not having screened logos... And that's where the biggest surprise lies... Bb7 comes with a sheet of dry rub decals! 30 seconds later, without any mess, and bbq7 looks BETTER than mp11sw because his symbols match Thundercracker's shiny symbols!


  • Design has a good mix of G1 toon and toy.
  • Tons of detail. Airbreaks in jet mode and molded afterburner engines.
  • Face sculpt is good.


  • Head and chest sit too high above shoulders.
  • Legs are severely limited in articulation.

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