Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Revenge of Bruticus!

Previously, I reviewed the combaticons by Wukong. This review is a tad weird... But I bought a set of Machine Boy knockoffs of Wukong's Knockoffs of Warbotron, to combine with my Wukong Onslaught, since I bought a Warbotron Fierce Attack to stand with my Wukong Combaticons as individuals.
Because of the color difference of the Wukong and Machine Boy figures, I decided to make the Machine Boy figures not just repainted clones, but nasty, grimy war torn versions. I added weathering effects and then combined them into Bruticus. Being that combined they can have structural issues, I superglued the combiner together, as well as the major splits on the figures where feet and hands are inserted. This is now a single figure, for all intents and purpose.

Bruticus is a solid figure. Absolutely massive! The bulk and intimidating weaponry is impressive!
The limbs lock well together, and articulation is fantastic. Wukong Onslaught is a slight shade lighter than Warbortron's Fierce Attack, but looks very close. Combined, Bruticus' eyes are a very pale pink, so I added some red paint to boost them a bit.

Great thing about Wukong and Machine Boy? I got a set of combaticons AND Bruticus for my display for less than what I could buy one set of Warbotron!

This is the combined "Wukong" version, based on the original G1 color scheme.


  • Big and mean looking.
  • Tons of detail. Even the details have detailing.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Floppy. Ratchets are rather weak and almost useless.
  • Not cartoon accurate.
  • Hard to balance because it's so top heavy.

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