Friday, October 14, 2016

And all that Jazz... Generation Toys J4zz

Since the concept of Masterpiece Transformers first came to light with MP01 Optimus Prime, one of the most desired and anticipated characters to get the MP treatment has been Jazz. Well, officially, we are still waiting. Luckily for those of us that enjoy creativity and imagination, Generation Toys offers us their take on a IDW comics inspired G1 Jazz.

Packed in car mode, he is a beauty to hold and admire. Solidly tabbed into place, vehicle mode looks like a model toy car. It's clean, paint job is vibrant, and it looks amazing. He scales slightly larger than a 911 would with other vehicles if car scale is your sticking point, but if you just want a ballpark "it's good enough" then Jazz fits great.

Transformation is quick, smooth, and pain free. Only caution is some little windows that fold into the legs. 

Robot mode is STUNNING. Face, proportions, and paint job all scream quality. Solid ratchets in the legs hold poses, and the articulation is fantastic compared to some other mp-scale figures. Very little in the way of kibble. The only issue I have, which I corrected on mine, is the light piping. I hate it, but a quick coat of Testors and it's gone. A mild, easily ignored or removed annoyance are two lasers mounted on his shoulders. They are easily removed by screws and technically don't affect either mode (tires tab in car mode, but mine still rolled just fine without the lasers).

GT J4zz is easily in the running for one of the top 5 spots for my Top Figures of 2016 list. Really is a fantastic job!

Roller is one tough little Autobot! 

TF2007 homage #1

Transformers 2007 movie crew in G1 form 
(Aka what the hardcore fans expected Michael Bay to make)

"I want TWO pieces!" 

Jazz is nauseous when the Bay movie turns into a sick horror flick! 


  • Nice, modern Porsche mode.
  • Simple transformation.
  • Similar to the comics in design.


  • Lightpiping. Ick.
  • Shoulder lasers are obnoxious, but easily removed.

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