Saturday, October 22, 2016

Definitely no second-rate clone! BB7 Thundercracker vs MP11T

As with the previous BB7 release, Skywarp, Thundercracker really improves upon the original Takara release. Far more noticeable this time around, Thundercracker has very little "slop" or spruce marks. Paint is far more crisp and I've yet to see a blemish. Blue is almost identical, but bb7 seems ever so slightly a shade cooler than the official. All the positives and negatives are the same as Skywarp, so feel free to check the review archieves for my thoughts on that.

Below are pictures comparing the two.
Side-by-side, only the printed decepticon logo tells them apart.

Looks great if you want the official as a bot mode, and BB7 for jet display.

Missiles really look cool.

Left is official, right is BB7.

Both show some stress on the shins, but official looks worse.

Official has huge white stress mark on his head. BB7 looks perfect.


  • Design has a good mix of G1 toon and toy.
  • Tons of detail. Airbreaks in jet mode and molded afterburner engines.
  • Face sculpt is good.

  • Head and chest sit too high above shoulders.
  • Legs are severely limited in articulation.

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