Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Breach their tiny defenses! Dx9 Hulkie aka Mini Devastator!

as much as I love my Masterpiece-scale figures, they are a bit impractical for a work desk.  I've been collecting the G1 season 1 legends scale (3 to 5in scale transformers). Several have been reviewed already, so check the archives to the right. One thing that seemed a contradiction would be mini combiners. Well, DX9 proved me wrong. Their Hulkie manages to be both small, AND huge at the same time, and hits the size that just about maxes out what I'd consider desk scale worthy.

As individual constructicons, it's a mixed bag group. Scrapper, Longhaul, and Scavenger look great. Bonecrusher, Mixmaster, and Hook have proportion issues. Transformations are super simple, many quite similar to the G1 toys of 30 years ago.

Combined is where it shines as well as the biggest niggles occur. The fact combination can be done with no partsforming is a credit to DX9's ingenuity. Proportions are better than many other, larger Devastator options. My biggest complaint is the combination ports seem like they were designed by totally different people. Scrapper, Longhaul, and Hook tab together solidly. Arms weakly clip on the sides, and mixmaster leg is a single round peg. Attempting to pose with said leg or move the arms results in a collapsing conbiner. Why they couldn't utilize some sort of ball joint connection or other locking tabs system is beyond me. Also, Hulkie cannot hold his gun via the tab in the handle. It tabs in fine, but closing the hand around it pushes the gun out of the tab. Other than those points, once combined, he looks quite impressive and a huge addition to your tiny collection!

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