Saturday, November 12, 2016

Release the hounds! Fanstoys Willis - Mp Hound

I've had Maketoys Gundog for over a year now, quite satisfied, but cosmetically he was just a tad off for my largely toon-accurate G1 collection. Especially with recent official releases such as Ironhide, Shockwave, and the coneheads, Gundog was looking decidedly out of place. I decided to snag a good deal on Fanstoys FT15 Willis and let Gundog pay for him.

Overall, Willis, aka Hound, is a really solid, hefty figure. He is chock full of diecast, and overall a much better transformation than some of Fanstoys other smaller figures (not once did he feel like he would break, unlike their insecticons). Jeep mode, like all Fanstoys figures, tabs and locks into place solidly. One thing that really pops on Hound is the metal specks in the green paint. It really gives him a real-car like look. It isn't army accurate, but it is gorgeous. Subtle details in the jeep design, such as gas pedals, glove compartment, the silver gas cap, and the steering wheel all add to a realistic look, in keeping with the licensed official figures.

Robot mode looks very nice. Paint is very toon accurate. More so than Gundog. Feet are a little weak, but overall the feel is really good. Face sculpt is one of Fanstoys' best, but feels slightly "off" for the character. Hound in the cartoon and G1 toy has a very soft face. A compassionate face. Gundog fits that face better, in my opinion.

Overall, I'm really glad I switched. Everything looks fabulous, and he really feels like he fits in with all the other Masterpiece figures,

"Megatron must be stopped, no matter the cost."

Hound, the master of illusions, summons a hologram that frightens all Decepticons!

"Why, there's enough fuel at that base for 10 trips to Cybertron!"

"I still owe you one from Sherman Dam Rumble!" 


  • Metal flecks in the paint give it a real car paintjob look.
  • Cartoon accurate proportions and weapons. 
  • Tons of little jeep details.


  • Transformation is time consuming.
  • Face isn't cartoon accurate.
  • Feet are a little weak.

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