Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sexy mutha £#€<@! Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Deadpool

This is an amazing figure. Detail, articulation, and accessories are off the hook! There is almost nothing you can't do with him!
"Oh yeah... you know you want this for your phone background!"

"Assassin, super healing, AND Dancing With the Stars contestant!"

"'Scuse me ma'am... FBI... Figure Boob Inspector!"

"Alas, poor Scarlet, I knew thee well!"

"Ow! Whatever happened to 'Jolly'?"

"I'll smack Shrek with this... ugh... if I can... errr... ow... hernia..."

"Straaaangers in the niiiiiiight... hey Webhead!"

"Annnnnnnd.... Civil War is over." 

"I said 'No! I don't wanna be in Marvel vs Mortal Kombat!'"
"Klaatu barada nikto!" 

"Holy shiitake mushrooms!"

"Lessee if He-Man is a responsible pet owner" 

"Must run faster...."

"Foot soldier? Do I look like I work for a £*#%¥€@&$ podiatrist?" 

"The greatest movie star ever...."

"Well... until God's gift to mankind, Ryan Reynolds"

"Hey lookie! I opened the Chinese puzzle!" 

"Ooooooh yeah..... chicka chickaaaaa!" 


  • Very expressive figure.
  • Tons of poses and customized looks.
  • Articulation is crazy good.


  • Body parts like to fall off during posing.
  • Thin plastic on accessories and pegs. Be careful!

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