Saturday, December 31, 2016

Best of 2016!!! A look at the past

Fanstoys Stomp - Sludge
The 2016 figure of the year easily goes to this phenomenal representation of Dinobot Sludge. With heavy ratchets, near perfect tolerances, and a fantastic sculpt from head to die-cast toe, this is the pinnacle of transforming toys, surpassing even official figures.  This is the one 3rd party figure that I honestly believe even those who are staunch "Official Takara only" people would do well to at least feel it and transform it once. It's that magical experience you had as a kid in 1985!

Maketoys Despotron- Megatron
Really close to the perfect modern adaptation of Megatron, Despotron really oozes malevolence and power. His myriad of facial options and articulation let you recreate smug victories over the Autobots or utter disgust at the treacheries of Starscream. His transformation is unique, as it manages to hide kibble in a truly novel way.

Takara Mp Ratchet
The "van brothers" Ironhide and Ratchet have long suffered as toys. Either lacking a real head, or a vehicle mode that looks like a Jenga game. Takara finally achieved the impossible: a van design that is fairly faithful to the character and looks good in both modes. Hip panels aside, this is a good looking figure. Ratchet scores points over Ironhide because of his profession - a medic was sorely needed among the oodles of warriors so far made in the mp line- and the accessories of Ratchet really shine. Posing him on the battlefield with his healing laser over a fallen Autobot brings a touch of emotional pull to a collection.

MMC Remix Jaguar - Ravage
When Masterpiece Soundwave was released everyone was excited after seeing the perfect laserbeak that came with him. A few months later, Ravage was announced, and left many disappointed. Too small, lack of articulation, and really looked nothing like the animation model.
MMC Jaguar fixed that. While too large for storage in Soundwave, Jaguar scales wonderfully in panther mode, and the articulation is unbelievable! Slinking poses, coiled muscles, savage growls... all are possible!

Xtransbots Eligos - Cyclonus
Barely making it in the 2016 considerations, Eligos is a beauty. Robot and jet modes look fantastic. Rich colors, lots of ratchets, and a plethora of accessories. If the transformation and materials were a little better, this would have finished higher on the list. Even so, with such a solid year of figures, 5 is nothing to sneeze at!

Honorable mentions
Takara Laserwave, Generation Toys j4zz, and BB7/yes seekers
These are honorable mentions for their fantastic transformations for the first two, and the improvements of the latter. Laserwave incorporates a simple transformation that manages to avoid partsforming.

GT J4zz is an comics-influenced version of Jazz, and a fun transformation that looks great the whole way. Solidly built, he's a great add to anyone's comics bots collection.

Finally, Yes-Model seekers took the stale, wobbly Takara F-15 model and made improvements in the tabbing and manufacturing, making a solid series that makes a group of essential figures fun to handle.

Action figure of the year - non transformer
Deadpool yamaguchi
This guy is just pure fun cast in ABS plastic.  With articulation and tons of accessories, you can have this Deadpool do almost anything the comics Deadpool would do. Raunchy lustings towards fellow action figures or single-handedly taking down Skeletor and The Foot Clan, this Deadpool does it all and looks great!

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