Friday, December 30, 2016

It's the Easter bunny... no it's a plane... no! It's Eligos! Masterpiece Cyclonus

Most of the post '86 movie characters I'm not a huge fan of. Part of my initial draw to the franchise as a kid was that any of the cars I passed on the street could be a transformer in disguise. Season 3's futuristic/cybertronian designs killed that. However, there are a few awesome designs. One of the quirkiest is that of Galvatron's right hand, Cyclonus. A resurrected Bombshell in the movie, Cyclonus became the warrior's heart and "soul" of the decepticons as Galvatron went further into madness.

Xtransbots did an amazing job on the overall look of their Cyclonus called Eligos. Articulation and colors are exactly what we've come to expect from third party transformers. He comes with his Targetmaster partner, two guns, a sword, several face options, mini Galvatron, and a flight stand for jet mode.

Jet mode looks AMAZING!  Unlike most jet transformers, Cyclonus has very little robot mode parts sticking out. Everything tabs in fairly well, but pop-outs are frequent while posing the jet. im really pleased with the size of the jet.

Transformation is typical Xtransbots fare. Lots of panels need to be slid across from each other, small tabs, and unnecessarily difficult legs are par for the course. That being said, the transformation is far easier than smaller bots like Windcharger, mostly due to the huge size. Like all XTB products, extreme care needs to be taken during transformation, as the plastic isn't as robust as other third parties. My figure has several stress marks from factory assembly and some of the panels have slight stress just from transformation.

He scales pretty well with other figures. DX9's Galvatron is a tad too tall, but still looks nice paired with Cyclonus. I plan to get Fanstoys' Sovereign... their take on Galvatron... which scales far better.
He looks really good next to his counterpart, Ultra Magnus.
Overall, he's a terrific figure and a welcomed improvement by Xtransbots.  I would highly recommend him for your 1986/season 3 shelf.


  • Very accurate to the Season 3 look of Cyclonus.
  • Jet mode is fantastic.
  • Towers over all Decepticons except combiners.


  • Plastic stresses easily.
  • Lengthy transformation with lots of close tolerances.
  • Colors may be too pastel for some.

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