Friday, January 13, 2017

This is bad comedy! Fanstoys Sovereign - MP Galvatron

In the decepticons ranks, leadership is given to the most cunning, paranoid, and powerful. Those traits are oozing from the design of Fanstoys City Commander, Sovereign... aka Galvatron. This figure radiates with malice and contempt. You can choose a scowl or rage for a face, and either works well, and is easily the best Fanstoys face sculpt yet. Rich tones of purple and silver, along with a hefty use of diecast makes Galvatron an imposing force to be reckoned with. Articulation is standard fare, but with the included stand and choices for accessories, the display options are endless.

Transformation is tough, but not hard. Fanstoys made Galvatron a tight mess. Several areas have little to no clearance and have no margins for error. Particularly bad is the area around the cannon attachment. My copy was extremely tight, and just when I almost wiggled part of it free, it decided to snap and shoot across the room like two missiles. Hopefully I'll be able to get replacement pieces, but if not, it still holds its shape, just disappointing it was so tight without needing to be. Other than that, he's just the typical Fanstoys transformation of folding here and tabbing there.

Cannon mode... or cybertronian mobile artillery turret... is a mixed bag. It's not as cartoon accurate as  robot mode, but it's serviceable and since Galvatron's alt mode has always looked like an afterthought, its forgivable. Adjusting the arms and stabilizer allows for "aiming".

Soverign really scales well with other figures. Being bulkier than DX9's Tyrant, this version of
Galvatron pairs exceptionally well with Maketoys' Despotron. They both look like bruisers.
With the "incinerating purple pineapple of death" effect, Galvatron is really fun to interact with other characters and a joy to pose. He's overall a good start to 2017, and a fantastic figure if you are super careful and lucky that nothing snaps during transformation.

I am you and you are me and we are all together...

"No, please, disrupt my coronation! In fact, I was just keeping the throne warm for you, mighty Galvatron!"

Don't touch me with those pitiful tiny hands! 

I said DON'T Touch! 


And STAY in the box, coward!

I got a gun ... I got a pineapple... UGH! Pineapple gun! 

Galvatron - John Woo style! 




"Psycho crushaaaaaaa"


  • Lots of diecast, spread judiciously throughout the figure.
  • Decent amount of accessories.
  • Pineapple blast is just fun to use for display.


  • Very tight panels in transformation. Too tight.
  • No adapter for canon mode with the flight stand.
  • For an "ultimate" take on the character, many accessories are missing. No gun, costumes, sunglasses, doctor mask, or any of the other movie moments.
  • Sticky joints require heat prior to posing, or risk damage.
  • Soft plastic, handle with care.

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