Thursday, January 26, 2017

Time for a little smooth Jazz... Maketoys Downbeat aka MP Jazz

Last year, a vacuum in the collections of many Transformers fans was filled with the release of Generation Toys J4zz. With its heavy comics influence, J4zz didn't tickle everyone's masterpiece itch, and several other companies have their take coming out in 2017. First out of the gate is Maketoys Downbeat. Very animation accurate,this version of Jazz does 90% right, with only a few niggles.
Full disclosure, all pics feature the chrome visor painted blue metallic, except where mentioned.

Right out of the box, car mode looks amazing! A modified Porsche like the animation, Jazz is simple but in that simplicity is a svelte beauty. The backend of my copy refused to tab together 100%, but still looks good.

Transformation is overall very smooth and hits all the right notes. Of all my 3p figures, this figure is closest to an official masterpiece figure with the transformation. There are some interesting parts of the legs that really work well, and a welcome departure from the typical pull out thighs.

Robot mode shines. Tons of articulation, accessories, and emotion options give you a good amount of options. You have the option of toy accurate door wings or toon accurate hidden doors. Neither option bulks the figure with kibble.

Original chrome visor. 

"You want a piece of me?!"  "NO! I want TWO!"

Comparing with Generation Toys J4zz, Downbeat feels a lot more solid. With diecast parts, and solid ratchets, Downbeat definitely edges out in quality. Both have issues staying tabbed together. J4zz definitely has the more powerful look to him. You really can't go wrong with either.


  • Feels like an official product.
  • Leg transformation has it's "magic moment".
  • Car mode is very cartoon accurate.


  • Feet stick out at the back of the car mode "bumper".

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