Monday, February 27, 2017

Turn the frown upside down! Masterpiece Gears aka Badcube Grump!

One of my favorite minibots as a kid was Gears. Small, strong, and extremely discontent with his lot in life. Badcube took it upon themselves to create Grump... their take on the sultan of sullenness. Up front, full disclosure - as I display my bots typically in humanoid mode, and Gears is tiny and a typical badcube bot of tiny twisting panels, I've chosen not to transform him because I'm not fond of breaking or stressing my figures if I can help it... car mode pics are plenty. I'd recommend Sixo's galleries.

So for robot mode, Gears is awesome and compact! Very little kibble or awkwardness in the design. Badcube really cemented themselves as the gods of minibots. He has good range of motion, and lots of accessories from the episode, "Changing Gears" which include an alternative smiling face, mood chip in his chest, welding tool, and his Autobot pistol.

Scale-wise he's about the same as MP Bumblebee. He's tiny. About the size of a deluxe retail figure. He scales great with carbots and larger.

Megatron: "Gears! I need your special personality chip again... and I'll tear in half 
Any who oppose me!" 

"Leave my friends alone, you oversized peashooter!" 

"Ok Megatron... you're asking for it..." 


Jazz- "Gears, you were amazing!"

"Why are you still reading? Don't you have other things to do?" 


  • Scales well based on the cartoon.

  • .No alternate G1 mask face.

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