Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I would have waited an eternity for this... Masterpiece Megatron - MP36

The day once thought would never come has finally arrived: an official Megatron has been released in the current Masterpiece scale! Finally, MP10 Optimus has his adversary, and the official and 3p Masterpiece Decepticons have their master!

Upfront, full disclosure, I will not transform him in this review. There are tons of video reviews, blogs, etc where you can see his gun mode. It's too many small panels for me to risk trying to manipulate.

Megatron is an impressive figure. Having owned Xtransbots Apollyon and Maketoys Despotron, I wasn't at first impressed with Megatron's prototype images.  Thankfully, I decided to take a chance and order him. He is fantastic in hand. All the ratchets and joints are solid. MP36 includes 4 swappable faces, mace, key, sword, pistol, mind control helmet... all the things you'll want for recreating your favorite scenes. He is painted from head to toe various shades of metallic gray. Looks both amazing and is the figure's only real "weakness" in that there have been many reports of chipping and scratches.

The articulation on Megatron is fantastic. Feet, hands, neck, waist... it's all there in spades. Tons of poses from the cartoon can be executed almost flawlessly.

Next to other Masterpiece figures, he's tall with an athletic build. He looks good with the likes of Fanstoys Sovereign.

All in all, Masterpiece Megatron is the perfect way to end my collection of Season 1 Generation One Decepticons. He is easily going to be a top contender for 2017 figure of the year, as well as a top contender for greatest official Masterpiece figure. Well done Takara!

Want more pics of Megatron? Click here!


  • Beautiful design! Absolutely fantastic representation of Megatron.
  • Articulation is fantastic. Can duplicate many scenes from the movie and cartoons.
  • Great accessories.


  • Paint scratches easily. Take care when handling.

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