Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Song of Sky and Fire ... Fanstoys Phoenix aka Masterpiece Skyfire

One of my earliest disappointments in life was when I discovered the G1 cartoon character, Skyfire, had no toy equivalent... instead there was a Robotech-repaint called Jetfire. Fast forward 30-something years, and we've FINALLY got a third party figure that does an excellent job giving us a cartoon accurate representation of Skyfire: Fanstoys FT10 Phoenix.

Right off the bat, the weight and size of this guy is phenomenal. He's easily 3lbs and barely fits in my IKEA shelves. He's got tons of stiff, squeaky Fanstoys ratchets, diecast everywhere, and fairly good balance.

In humanoid form, he's held together very snugly by tabs. Nothing wobbles or otherwise inhibits posing. He's got an excellent face sculpt, nice subtle painted details, and electric blue jet cockpit dead center. Looks stunning!

Transformation is probably the simplest of all Fanstoys. Nothing felt too bad, other than the thin tab on the neck that holds the backpack. Mine snapped during transformation, but a piece of Velcro in its place and all is good, if not even better.

Jet mode is serviceable. Skyfire was a ridiculous space jet in the cartoon, and this is equally ridiculous looking... AND HUGE! I can almost guarantee after transforming him you'll find yourself running around making WHOOSH sounds.

Overall, he's a huge improvement over previous attempts. The scale, detail, and design is almost flawless. Worth the wait? Definitely!

Yeah... toys don't mass shift like they do in decades-old cartoons....


  • Perfect G1 look.
  • Scale matches the cartoon. This is HUGE.
  • Great transformation.


  • Tiny backpack tab breaks in first transformation.

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