Thursday, August 17, 2017

He makes offers other Decepticons refuse - G1 Swindle aka Unique Toys Gahzranka.

My favorite combiner team has always been the Combaticons, and my favorite Combaticon has always been Swindle - a smooth talking arms dealer and opportunist that will sell anything to anyone.
While I do have the Wukong version of Warbotron's combaticons, Unique Toys has released their take on Swindle, called Gahzranka, and he's far more G1 toon than G1 toy like Warbotron.  Like all other light piping toys, this has been painted over by me so the light piping is removed. Also, I haven't transformed him, so this is a bot only review.

Plastic quality and articulation are top notch. A "velvety" plastic is used for the thighs, soles, and tires. Balance is decent and he holds many poses without too much trouble, and no real untabbing to speak of.

Size is almost spot on. While large compared to car robots, he's smaller than many in the Decepticon army, but the sculpt is fairly spot on to the G1 toon.


  • Very G1.
  • Smirk on face convinces you he'd sell his own mother... if he had one.


  • Very complex transformation full of tiny tabs.

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