Saturday, August 26, 2017

Unique Toys Archimonde is ready for a Brawl!

Another upgrade replacement of my Wukong Combaticons, this G1 Brawl homage is a fantastic take on the violent berserker of the season 2 Decepticon subgroup. Same plastic and overall feel as their Swindle, Gahzranka. Definitely a great buy if you can score him on sale for $60-$75. Here's a few pics just messing around with him and his fellow Transforming Bots.

Has a tad bit more range in articulation and a lot better plastic quality compared to
Warbotron and his various clones.

TFM2007 scene dramatic reenactment!

Looks good next to the autobot weapons specialist.

"Oh, hey, Megatron!" *whispers*"Tattletale!"

TFM2007's G1 counterparts!

Looks great with his teammate!

Looks like Bee is about to get a bruising!

After watching Transformers 2007, Brawl knows better than to mess with Moviebee!

Brawl needs to work with Grimlock on "fetch the slippers"


  • Everything tabs in great.


  • Lightpiping.
  • Soft plastic on some of the joints. Handle with care.

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