Monday, September 18, 2017

And Away We Goooooo! DX9 Richthofen MP Powerglide

He flies through the air, with the greatest of ease, that daring Autobot and his tiny human squeeze! Yes friends, you are about to witness the greatest aeronautical acrobat on this side of Alpha Centauri... Powerglide! The Autobots' most humble warrior!

DX9, maker of such fantastic pieces as Carry (Rodimus) and Tyrant (Galvatron) have blessed us with the beauty that is Richthofen. For those confused or curious about the name, Manfred von Richthofen was the name of the infamous World War I pilot, The Red Baron (as well as Snoopy's archnemesis, but that's another topic all together... I digress)...

As with their other pieces, DX9 really shows they know their stuff. A nicely balanced blend of plastic and strategic diecast makes Powerglide a solidly built, yet surprisingly compact, figure in both modes. Everything clips in well, and other than some tiny pins doing some major rotations I never felt like he was going to stress or break. Paint is even, however there is some slight rub on the landing gear area.

Robot mode has great articulation, and despite his unusual look, he holds poses and stands fairly well. Some joints required a good few warm up movements before attempting to transform, as he is insanely tight. Accessories include his pistol, a jetmode flight stand, a Hollywood alien mask, and his human love interest, Astoria (yeah, I know).
 Hisssssssssss! Mrrrrrroooow!!! HISSSSSSS!!!!

"O' Woe is me! O wherefore art thou, my brave Red Knight!"

Transformation is fairly straightforward. Tiny pins hold the wings on, as well as the thrusters, and my first transformation these were very tight. After a few rotations, they smoothed over and I'm no longer too worried about broken plastic.

Jet mode is beautiful! Not any real aircraft, but somewhere between an A10 Warthog and an RC gas powered plane, Powerglide looks really stunning. Everything tabs in again, and hides robot kibble insanely well. The only "concern" I have with the design is the ridiculous use of a landing gear to mount Powerglide on his flight stand. Why they couldn't use a tab like all the other toys in the universe is beyond me.

Scale is really good. As he's a very non-traditional Autobot, with a jet mode that mass shifts in the cartoon to accommodate humans, Autobots, or pallets of cargo, it's hard to pinpoint where too big and too small would exactly fit in the Hasbro Holy Scale Charts (Blessings Be Upon Them).
 50 Shades of Red

"You are looking rather yellow, Bee ol' buddy. But be careful!
Sit on the tanning bed too long and you'll look like Cliffjumper!"

Overall, Richthofen is a fantastic addition to any collection. Really a well-made piece, after you take care to work the joints a little to warm them up.


  • Fabulous jet mode.
  • Interesting transformation.
  • Accessories definitely take advantage of Powerglide's odd solo episodes.


  • Some paint overspray of red into the tan, leaving little pink hazes.
  • Joints are stiff out of the box. Care should be taken to work them in prior to transforming.
  • Odd flight stand.

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