Monday, September 18, 2017

But He's not a fighter like they are, Prime! Badcube Huff MP Huffer!

Few Season 1 bots made me want to reach into the screen and slap as a kid... one of those was Huffer. The Autobots' chief engineer was no warrior.  He whined about everything and was a real dour little bot. His only enjoyment was watching failure in others.  Many moons ago, a company called Cubex released a very screen-accurate version of a Masterpiece Huffer. That guy looked fantastic but was a quality control nightmare, with chipping paint, weak legs, and just a mess. Well, since then, Cubex got hold of the Matrix of Leadership and beefed up to become Badcube. With their newfound powers, they went back into the hallowed halls of history, and resculpted and created a 2nd version of Huffer.

First off, as he's packaged in vehicle mode, Badcube made their biggest departure from their other minibots. Huffer isn't a slanted window cab like G1. He's got a decidedly real-world altmode. In hand it looks good and feels solidly tabbed and rolls. He can tow Prime's trailer without any modifications to truck mode.

Transformation is insanely easy. Nothing feels loose, too tight, or fragile. Everything moves smoothly and tabs securely.  This is, without a doubt, Badcube's finest transformation.

Robot mode has nothing to complain about. This IS Huffer. The painted details, colors, and feel are all premium. Everything tabs in securely, and the balance allows him to achieve poses the Cubex version could only dream of. Weapons tab securely into his hand as well.

Scale fits perfectly with other MP figures.
"But we're not fighters like they are, Prime!"
"Huffer, stop whining or I'll download your personality component into Spike's toaster!"

Huffer: "ANOTHER pic? I don't even like these guys... Well, maybe Gears..."
Gears: "Shaddup! Are we done yet?!"

"Dinobots huh? I thought Ratchet and Wheeljack were making Dinosaurs! Harharhar!"


Now, some comparisons to the Cubex version of Huff (custom painted on the legs and torso due to paint chipping common with that mold).


  • Huge improvement over previous Huff.
  • Great balance for a toy that looks top-heavy.


  • Truck isn't G1 accurate.

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