Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Experience, lad! Masterpiece Kup/ Fanstoys Koot

Every great leader has a mentor that shows him the ropes, and for Rodimus Prime, that mentor is the cantankerous veteran soldier, Kup. Fanstoys makes an excellent homage to Kup with their figure, Koot.  This  is another home run for Fanstoys, style and material-wise. This guy looks fresh from 1986. Accessories include a snarling face complete with a cigar, blaster, solid and transparent windshield pieces, and a 2nd transformer, a Targetmaster, who transforms into a double barrel blaster for Kup's truck mode. Due to the complexity of the transformation, I won't be reviewing truck mode. Pics on the box and online show it to be an accurate copy of a "cybertronian pickup truck" that I believe to be one of the ugliest vehicles in the transformers line.

Rather large backpack, but it's no worse than official packs on the likes of Hot Rod or Sunstreaker, and a back hump is very G1-toy accurate, so it is what it is.
Overall, Kup is a great figure. Articulation is fantastic. Surprising, for a figure of this size, is ratcheted rotation at the shoulders. Kup will hold any pose with his arms solidly.  Balance and poise are great, and you'll be able to achieve many of your favorite scenes from the 1986 movie and his scale looks good next to figures from the official line as well as other Masterpiece-scaled figures.
Definitely can recommend this figure.

"Turbo revvin' young punk! I'll straighten you out yet!"

Kup is a take-charge kinda guy!

"Tell Grimlock more stories!"
"Everything reminds you of something else!"
"Experience, lad! You should learn to appreciate it!"

"All things considered, you did an amazing job, lad! You
even got rid of a nasty burr in my rotator!"

"I knew you had potential!"


  • Includes the cigar for comicbook fans.
  • Innovative chest for logo placement.
  • Very compact kibble in backpack.


  • For ease of transformation, many people recommend modifying figure.

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