Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I’ll take you all on! Masterpiece Movie Optimus Prime

Movie Optimus Prime has had several fantastic figures starting with 2009's Leader Class Prime. Since then, all the movie Prime figures have used that as a template and it was largely regarded as the best one could do for a large-sized "Bayverse" Transformer toy. That was until Hasbro/Takara came out with their Movie line of Masterpiece toys. MPM-04 Optimus Prime is easily the most impressive Optimus Prime figure made, official or otherwise. Without gimmicks of spring-loaded weapons or sound effects, This Optimus is a lean, mean, face-tearing machine.

Fantastic articulation, solid build material, and a nice mix of diecast in the design. This is really a figure you can see and feel the love and sweat that was put into the toy. It shows that Hasbro/Takara haven't lost their edge, and can still put out product that surpasses 3rd party and knock-off companies.

Accessories include twin Energon blades and his ion cannon.

"I know you're asking yourself... was that 5 ion blasts, or 6... well, in all the excitment,
I lost count myself... so you gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky? Well do ya, Deceptipunk?"

Diecast shins and feet, with beautiful detailing on the legs and a shimmery shiny paint job.

Hidden behind the mask face is an alternate face with a mouth, for those that like the look.

MPM-04 scales well with the cartoon Masterpiece figures, however 
the aesthetic obviously strays heavily.

MPM-04 with MPM-03 Bumblebee.

2007 meet 1984.

MPM-04 next to the 3rd Party/KO Weijiang Commander. MPM-04
just feels and looks so much better, and even manages to have the proper altmode
without a massive backpack. Commander was great, but now he'll be moved from 
the main display. 

Optimus vs my custom-painted thrift store treasure, Revenge of the Fallen 
Leader Starscream! Scale is near perfect, however, I think in the movies
Starscream is a tad larger than Prime. Hard to tell.

Definitely recommend this guy. He's the best Optimus Prime I've seen yet of the original movie design that can transform. 


  • Looks very accurate to the 2007 movie.
  • Paint apps similar to the movie.
  • Diecast used in feet.


  • No Autobot logo on chest. MP Bumblebee has a tiny logo on his helmet, so it COULD be done.
  • Tabs don't want to stay tabbed.

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