Wednesday, January 3, 2018

You're so vain... You probably think this review is about you... MP39 Sunstreaker!

What a way to start the year! Sunstreaker, the self-absorbed spark-twin of Sideswipe, got a fabulous Masterpiece figure. Taking all the lessons from recent releases Ironhide, Hotrod, and Megatron, Sunstreaker is a picture perfect representation of the Autobot warrior.

Sunstreaker comes with two guns, Chip Chase figurine and wheelchair, two alternate faces, and alien mask from "Hoist Goes To Hollywood" episode.

Sunstreaker is easily the most complex carbot. He has his animation accurate super car mode from the G1 toy as well as a "real world" accurate Lamborghini mode. He even has hidden pop-up headlights, molded, painted keyholes, and working doors.

Transformation is mostly straight forward. Everything tabs squarely in place, and nothing feels thin or fragile.

Robot mode is just heavenly!  Articulation is INSANE! This guy rivals Figuarts for hitting just about any pose you can think of. The look is overall clean. Due to the need for the real-world licensed car mode, Sunstreaker has quite a pronounced backpack and not-quite-perfect backpack intakes, but overall, he hits all the right marks.  This is arguably one of the finest Transforming toys since 1984.
 " 'Ironhide'??? more like 'Rubberheinie! Hahahahheehehehe!"

"Hey! That's ruining my finish!"

"Raaah! Beware the aliens! Grr! Rar!"

With a cursory glance of Google, you'll find dozens of comparisons with Badcube's offering, Sunsurge. I got rid of Sunsurge a year ago. I do, however, have Omnigonix Spinout.  While Omnigonix is closer to the 1984 toy version, MP39 completely blows away Spinout and Sunsurge in feel, design, and articulation. Owners of either 3rd party figure would do well to pick up Sunstreaker.  I know the others don't have much resell value now, but might work well for kitbashes or firework fodder!




More pics of Sunstreaker! Click here!


  • Fantastic articulation. This is almost like a regular action figure.
  • Paint is really good. Everything is well done.
  • Two versions of altmode- supercar and classic Lamborghini.
  • Great accessories. Chip Chase looks good for a minifigure.
  • Model car accuracy. Headlights and doors open.


  • Ugly backpack. It's a necessary evil, but uuuugly..

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