Tuesday, February 6, 2018

An Onslaught on the Senses! Unique Toys Kalecgos!

 The leader of Unique Toys version of Combaticons, Kalecgos ... aka Onslaught... is a piece of art!
Plastic quality is like the others in the set, fairly tough, with a slightly velvety feel on parts. He's also got a lot of little panels, that want to stress when moved, so I'm not going to risk transforming him into his truck mode. Like the others, he also has a lot of light piping, which I promptly painted over. This guy is huge and extremely articulated. He can nail all sorts of impressive legendary dance poses!
Nice and clean back view, very little kibble. Everything tabs in cleanly.

Stayin' alive! Stayin' alive!

You should be dancin' yeah!

Oo oo oo... You know you make me feel...

You know I'm bad... I'm bad...

Looks soooo much better than the Warbotron/Wukong version of Onslaught.

Meshes really nicely with the official Masterpiece line. While more detailed
than more recent releases, he fits in nicely with MP10, MP11, and early carbots.
Looks great with Swindle and Brawl! Scale isn't animation accurate, but it is still
easily one of the best Special Teams so far made by any Third Party team.


  • Huge figure.
  • Great balance and articulation for such a large figure.


  • Light piping.
  • Doesn't include a gun.

** Toy does not really dance, have lights, shoot lasers, jump kick dinosaurs, or do anything else extraordinary. It does, however, look awesome on a shelf surrounded by killer dust bunnies.

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