Saturday, March 24, 2018

65 Million + 2 years In the making! Beasts of the Mesozoic Dromaeosaurus

Two years ago I read a forum post about a line of dinosaur toys being designed, with the latest in paleontology and scientific reasoning being paramount to the line. Well, I found myself intrigued, since dinosaur toys have mostly stagnated since 1993, trying to leach off Jurassic Park's success. Most of the toylines that have dinosaurs in them, and even toys found in museum gift shops, have a overwhelming 1980's aesthetic. First off, let's get this out of the way... science has discovered proof, not theory, that velociraptor and many of its kin had fully-formed feathers. The komodo dragon look is sooooooo 1993. It's time we had a toyline that embraced the latest studies.

Creative Beast Studio, an independent designer of dinosaur model kits, decided to branch out into a line of 1/6 scale dromaeosaurids, commonly known to the public as "raptors" after the Jurassic Park's infamous take on Velociraptor. For funding, Kickstarter was used, with the designer showing various updates to the project and a line that was originally only going to have 3 figures available ballooned to include various other species as well as environments and hatchlings.

My first foray into the Beasts of the Mesozoic line is a Kestrel-influenced Dromaeosaurus, a labrador-sized cousin of Velociraptor that roamed what is now Canada and northern areas of the USA. While the 1/6 scale isn't my normal interest, the size does work well as a Jurassic Park-movie scale size with 1/12 figurines. Closest I have to that scale would be He-Man's transport, Battlecat, if the animal was a regular earth tiger and not a talking green tiger.
Face it, Tiger, you hit the jackpot!

Largest humanoid figure I have is Diamond Select Hulk, which still isn't 1/6 scale.

Dromaeosaurus and Sauronitholestes hunting the 1/6 scale elf, Nanya. 

Plastic quality on this figure is really good. If you have ever handled any of NECA's collectibles, the plastic is similar. It's got a soft texture and feel, so there is a bit of flexibility before anything might break. Sculpting details on this is absolutely top-notch. There are so many tiny details that each time I pick it up, I see more things I hadn't noticed before.

Paint detail is overall good. A robust separation of color with very little natural blending. No color bleed, nor "contamination" where dark paint meets light. Face paint is excellent. Pupils in the eyes are closely matched, and the teeth are painted ivory without affecting the surrounding pink gumline.
My only real "issue" with the paint is some of the spots on the back and wings look like Sharpie squiggles, and not natural. Sitting 6 feet away, you won't notice, but in hand, it might trigger those with OCD.

Yeah, 'ooooh! aaaaah' that's how it always starts,
but this raptor can be posed running AND screaming! 

Articulation is fantastic. There are all sorts of joints, swivels, pegs, and wire to achieve almost any natural pose you can think of for display, and the included stand and alternative running toes allow a rich variety, so you'll never have to be stuck with one designer-intended pose like many other dinosaur toy lines.

1/6 scale clever girl, meet 1/1 scale smart lightbulb.

Overall, I think this is a definite must-have for ANY dinosaur lover out there. It is labeled as an adult collectible, and care must be taken when posing, but if you have a young kiddo that has dinosaurs on the brain, consider adding a Beast of the Mesozoic raptor or two to the bedroom decor!  I fully plan to add another to my own collection, and I heartily look forward to a long relationship with Creative Beast Studio and more scientifically accurate dinosaur toys!

As usual, my blog is not endorsed, compensated, or in any way affiliated with any online store, toy producer, etc. If you want to see more of the Beasts of the Mesozoic line, check out the complete series here.


  • Most realistic dinosaur toy ever made.
  • Articulation fantastic. 


  • Soft plastic. Handle with care.

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