Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Decepticon Arachnidologist, Blackout, reporting for duty, Sir!

My second favorite Bayverse Decepticon design, I was thrilled when Hasbro-Takara announced the Studio Series line would be FINALLY giving the world what it really needed... not peace. Not food. Not health care... no, a Leader Class Blackout!  This guy is easily one of the most busy-looking Transformers, official or otherwise, to be released recently! There is molded details on top of his molded details! He really captures the hunchbacked look of Blackout.

A LOT of panel kibble, but for the most part, everything tabs or folds into place,
so there isn't a lot of floppiness.  He's a goodlooking mess... so he fits right in with
a lot of the Hollywood scene.

 Technically an accessory or weapon, Blackout includes his little Bug Buddy, Scorpinok! Off the shelf, this is minimally painted. I grabbed some paint markers and gave him a little weathering and detailing. Now he looks ready to chase some soldiers around in a sandbox! The drill claws and tail have slight articulation.

Transformation into helicopter mode is a nightmare of panelflipping and tabbing. Nothing, repeat, NOTHING wanted to stay tabbed for more than a second or two. It took me several minutes just to snap one pic, and even then, you can see some pieces already popping out. Still, he's a pretty good looking representative of the movie chopper. There are some "Automorph" gimmicks during the transformation of the torso and legs which were neat, but otherwise, this guy wasn't fun to change at all.

 One of the best "mass-shifting" toys ever... Blackout, who is a very tiny Leader Class toy, transforms into a HUGE helicopter... if you can get it to stay together!

Leaders of today meet the leaders of yesteryear. My custom weathered ROTF Starscream.

My current "It's Masterpiece enough for me, thank you very much!" Movie Decepticon display. Overall, they look really good together in my opinion.

Blackout is a great piece for a display, I'm not quite sold on him as a toy. The transformation is a complete headache, WITH instructions! If you buy this guy for the kids, be prepared to help them out or be ready to chuck him in the bin. He's got a lot of little parts that like to snap off during transformation. But he does give a hearty scritch-scritch to those who have been itching for a Leader Blackout since the 2007 movie.


  • Best movie Blackout yet.
  • Detail on little Scorpinok is fantastic.


  • Difficult transformation.
  • Back kibble is unsightly.

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