Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Legendary Warrior... Leader Class Studio Series Grimlock

Easily one of the most divisive characters from the "Bayverse," Grimlock is one of the designs that people either love completely, or loathe with a seething hatred so intense that they spontaneously burst into flames.  Me, personally, I love the movie dinobots.

Ok, now that all the bitter haters have left the page, let's get on with the review! Before I go any further, let me state that I added some extra paint details to my Grimlock, particularly on the teeth, arms, and mace-hand. Didn't fundamentally change the figure, but I don't want anyone buying this figure and then whining at me that the arms or teeth are a dull gray.  Ok... Studio Series Grimlock is a mixed bag of awesomeness and disappointment.  Knight mode is spectacular. This Grimlock toy manages to capture the old, weathered look of the CGI model in the movies, as well as captures some of the oddities of said model... including the fact that the movie character does, in fact, have two complete dinosaur heads on his shoulders, and his hand does convert into a mace. Unlike the CGI, however, the mace is fixed to his hand, whereas in the movie, it connected by a rusty metal rope to the forearm. Still, looks amazing for the money!

Face sculpt is awesome, and easily one of the best detailed paint jobs of an official Hasbro-Takara product. He just looks really pissed off!

Compared to a movie Masterpiece toy, Leader class Grimlock is woefully tiny. In the movie, Optimus barely came up to Grimlock's knee. However, I'm ok with this, because I really don't have anywhere to put a Grimlock the size of a toddler. I'm sure that in the future, a KO company will upscale this to the proper size, but I'll stick with this guy.

Transformation to demonic, rage-filled, space Tyrannosaur mode is overall pretty straightforward. Unlike the movie, which follows the classic Grimlock G1 transformation where the knight's arms become the dino legs, Grimlock here keeps his legs the same, and its his arms that do most of the transformation. Still, it works, and for as limited as it is, there is a decent range to the articulation.

The dino head sculpt is what sold me on this toy. This just oozes with lethal dinobot charisma. Really spectacular, even if its not particularly solid.

Borrowing the flame effects from Storm Collectibles Scorpion and Bandai effects, you can get some pretty awesome fire breathing!  MP Movie Barricade leaked lubricant when he saw those flames!

Again, scale is somewhat lacking, but it's still a nice piece. Also, when you consider that this guy is $50 or less retail, you really can't go wrong with it. At best, you got a great figure that you can mess around with and check off a box in your movie collection. At worse, he's a great place holder until the third party groups get around to making movie masterpiece-level Dinobots.


  • Paint and sculpt blend to make a fabulous looking Dinobot.
  • Simple transformation.


  • Short tail compared to movie CGI.
  • Too small. Grimlock should be at least 120% bigger.

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