Friday, July 20, 2018

Maketoys Skycrow and Lightning very very frightening! Mp skywarp and thundercracker

For my opinions on the mold and it’s transformation, please see my review of Meteor.

Skycrow /Skywarp looks fabulous. Rich, dark black. Almost inklike with a slight sheen to it. The purple parts are a soft bluish lavender. Cockpit is a soft gold.

Lightening /Thundercracker takes a slight departure from the G1. Instead of silver, his torso is a blue-green/gray blend.  While it further separates him from his brothers, I honestly wish they would have added metallic flake or something to bling it up. Otherwise he is a nice rich blue, very close to that of the Toys R Us official from a few years ago. Cockpit gold has a slight green tint.

Like Meteor, these guys achieve all sorts of poses and look great with other figures. If you have Meteor, or are thinking of replacing the MP11 mold with Maketoys, I highly recommend the Maketoys. They are just pure fun to play with.


  • G1 cartoon accurate sculpt.
  • Articulation is excellent. Seekers can now kick forward.
  • Nice, evenly done paint. Rich colors. Skycrow looks glossy like ink.


  • Faces are tiny. Head had to be shrunk to fit transformation. Still looks good.
  • No flight stands.
  • Hip piece is a tad loose

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