Friday, December 7, 2018

I am Optimus Prime, Masterpiece MP-10

One Transformer is the undisputed "face" of the brand, and that would be the heroic leader of the group, Optimus Prime. Optimus has had many different versions of "Masterpiece" level figures, official and third party. MP-10, the official starting point for the new scale of Transformers toys, was released in 2012 in the United States as a Toys R Us exclusive.  An amalgamation of the original toy, animation, and comics design, this Optimus Prime is for many the perfected version of the character. 

The Toys R Us edition has soft, bright blue eyes compared to the souless translucent plastic of the 
original Japanese release. This also has slightly brighter shades of red and blue for the body and legs.

"I'm going to axe you one more time... Where is Megatron!"

A slight animation-accurate backpack provides a place for weapon storage.

An homage to the original 1984 toy, the trailer becomes Optimus Prime's mobile battle platform and medic center.

Truck mode really hits most of the nostalgia pangs. Just the right amount of shiny chrome and a fairly intuitive and clever transformation. In hand, the truck really looks like a upscaled version of the original 1984 toy.

"It's over, Prime..."

"You're old, Megatron! Yesterday's model... ready for the scrapheap!"
"Who's ready for the scrapheap, now, Prime"...


  • Sculpt is a nice blend of cartoon, toy, and comics. 
  • Transformation is fairly straightforward.
  • Colors are very bright.
  • Tons of accessories.
  • Articulation decent.


  • Index fingers like to fall off.
  • Tiny rifle.
  • Cannot hold rifle with both hands.
  • Matrix chamber isn't accurate to any previous source.

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