Sunday, January 20, 2019

OOOOOOOOOO...... Yum Yum! NECA Ultimate Gremlin!

For Christmas, I got the Ultimate Gizmo from NECA toys. Recently, NECA released their Ultimate Gremlin. This figure comes with tons of accessories, so those with means can buy several of these Gremlins to recreate scenes from the bar or movie theater. Included are candy packages, cards, a cigarette, cola, beer, 3D glasses, and popcorn bags. He's also compatible with many different accessories you can find for other action figures or dolls.

Face sculpt is fantastic. Unlike Gizmo, the gremlin doesn't have adjustable eyes. His ears, however, can achieve almost any pose from the movies. He also has the standard points of articulation common
to action figures today. Only downside is he's also made of  NECA's softer plastic, so extreme care must be taken when posing him. Last thing you want to do is shear a leg off just because the knee is stiff.

 You can get the quizzical head tilt. Gremlin doesn't like to balance on his legs, so having a good stand is imperative. NECA doesn't include a stand with Gremlin, but there are several available online if you look around. The stand I use is the fireball stand for Storm Collectibles' Goro.
 Profile looks fantastic. Really a great looking figure from any angle. Paint apps are nice and the contrast is excellent.  Easily one of the best Gremlins products I've seen.

 Looks great with Gizmo, if you can get Gizmo to uncross his eyes. Time to sign Gizmo up for
some AA meetings.
The Gremlin is obviously not a 1:12 scale figure... Nor is he 1:6. He looks closest to 1:4. Not totally sure, as he really seems to be his own scale... even compared to Gizmo.

Giant mutant Gremlin! RAAAAAAR!!!!!


Another night of wine and roses... or in his case, beer and pizza!

"Hi ho, Hi ho, Hi ho ho... Hi ho, hi ho..."

So many vices in one pic!

Yum Yum! ::urp!::

You didn't think I'd NOT do the blender scene, did you?!!

Ultimate Gremlin is amazing to look at!  If you treat him with kid gloves, he's a fun addition to an 80's nostalgia collection.  The last Gremlins toys I had were unarticulated figures from the 1980s. This is a huge step up. I can't wait to see what fellow collectors are able to do with a few dozen of these guys and some more 1:6 scale accessories.

Next on my list... Ultimate Stripe! Gizmo caca!


  • Great sculpt. Looks mischievous.
  • Articulation good. Can duplicate many scenes from the movie.
  • Paint well done. Very little overspray or missing paint apps.
  • Decent accessories for the movie theater scene.
  • Scales well with Ultimate Gizmo.


  • Very top-heavy. A display stand is almost a necessity.
  • No alternate faces. A few different expressions would be great for "army building".
  • For an "ultimate" take on the character, many accessories are missing. No gun, costumes, sunglasses, doctor mask, or any of the other movie moments.
  • Sticky joints require heat prior to posing, or risk damage.
  • Soft plastic, handle with care.

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