Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Does Whatever A Spider-Man Can - MAFEX Spider-Man (Comics version)

There have been tons of Spider-Man action figures over the past 30+ years. One of the hardest parts of adapting the character into a toy is the amazing flexibility and bizarre poses Spider-Man makes while webslinging across the New York skyline.  Medicom has put forward their answer to the Spider-Man question with their MAFEX system implemented in their comics accurate Spider-Man figure. With their signature hyper-articulation, action display stand, and a host of hands, feet and webbing accessories, MAFEX Spider-Man is your chance to do whatever a spider can!

 Articulation on this figure is absolutely insane! Almost any pose you've seen in a McFarlane or Bagley issue of Amazing Spider-Man can be recreated here with a combination of butterfly joints, balljoints, swivels, and more. He's got a lot of small, thin plastic in the joints, so make sure to be careful when poses or switching hands or legs. Speaking of extremities... Spidey comes with left and right thwip hands, grip hands, fists, open wall crawl hands with and without magnets, and relaxed open hands. He also comes with a second set of magnetic feet. Also has a series of webbing options, an alternate masked head and Parker head, and a removed mask. The included display stand needs a slight adjustment and tightening to hold Spidey during poses.

 Paint detail on this figure is fantastic. Early prototype pics didn't do this justice. Subtle "shadows" and shading in the red and blue give a natural muscle tone without having a ton of heavily molded muscle designs. Webbing is nicely done, with no chipping or bleeding into the neighboring red.

"Hey, Mr. Stark? Where is everyone?"

"Hey guys! I'm here for Avengers tryouts!"

"Sorry Webhead. We don't need you."
"Wow... spider-angst tingling."

Compared to Hasbro's super-articulated "Pizza Spider-Man" from a few years ago, the MAFEX is far more fun to mess with. A few extra points of MAFEX articulation allow for far better crouches and knee bends. The colors and webbing on the costume are also much better.

 MAFEX Spidey scales decently with both Hasbro Legends figures as well as the slightly larger Marvel Select figures like the Disney Store Venom exclusive.
Spidey: "Mental note... need to invent mint-flavored webbing! phew!"

"Keep your parasite to yourself, Venom!"

Venom's dreams.

"Hey Cap...lose something?"


  • Excellent design.  This is literally a 3D version of the 90's Spider-Man.
  • Articulation is excellent! Can achieve most of the poses the Marvel artists were able to do with ink.
  • Webbing accessories are fantastic. Seriously, why all Spider-Man toys don't come with similar accessories is beyond me.
  • Scales well with any other 6" or 7" scale figures (1:12 scale)


  • Some thin plastic parts. Handle with care.
  • Peter Parker's face doesn't look anything like Peter Parker. More like an underwear model.
  • A few extra accessories would have been nice, such as a SLR camera, a large webbing net to wrap around enemies, etc.

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