Thursday, March 28, 2019

It's not the size, it's how you transform it! NewAge and Toyworld Legends scale!

 While I absolutely love my Masterpiece collection, sometimes I crave a little buddy to keep in a pocket, or display on a desk.  There are several companies that make fantastic tiny figures compatible with Hasbro's "Legends" scale. At 2.5 to 4.5 inches, these small figures are perfect for the collector who is space-constrained. My most recent acquisitions are by newcomers to the mini-robot scene... Toyworld and NewAge.

Toyworld Whiskey Jack.

This little guy is a masterpiece in every way that matters. He's a scaled down version of MP20 but could easily pass for the full sized toy. Tons of tiny details and a gorgeous car mode, complete with livery.

Next to the MP, the attention to detail is jawdropping.

Robot mode is just as sharp as the racecar mode. Articulation is a combination of ball joints and pins. Transformation is fairly straightforward, but due to the small size, extra care must be taken with the "wings" and leg pins. Once transformed, Wheeljack looks perfect.

Again, next to the full sized bot, this little guy really shines.

Scales great with a variety of small transforming robots.

NewAge Harry

This little guy went ahead and made my day! A tiny version of Masterpiece Prowl, he's got a ton of personality packed into one of the smallest transforming bots I've ever handled. Eventually, NewAge plans to release Bluestreak and the other Nissan bros. I will definitely grab Bluestreak.  Prowl comes with tiny shoulder missiles and his rifle.

Nicely shrinks down a lot of the full sized bot's charm.

Nissan mode is a beauty! Transformation is smooth and simple, with everything tabbing into place. He's smaller than a Hotwheel car!

While smaller than the Wheeljack, he still looks good next to other minis from different brands.

NewAge Flipper

Hands down the smallest fully articulated transforming bot I've ever seen. This take on Bumblebee is insanely tiny. Like almost micromachine tiny. With his tiny balljointed limbs, EXTREME care must be taken with him. His pistol is smaller than a housefly.

 VW Beetle mode is... well... umm.... FLIPPIN' ADORABLE! Transformation is simple, and genius at the same time. Although the tires don't roll, he's so tiny and cute you can't really hold it against him.  He's literally an inch in size!

MP Bee is a tiny robot to begin with, but NewAge manage to shrink the scout to an
even tinier size! Even G1 bee is big compared to NewAge Flipper!

Overall, all of these guys are fabulous little figures, and a welcomed break from the MP scene. At around $25 a piece (cheaper overseas and with ebay deals), these won't break the bank and will soothe the itch for a fun little piece to mess around with.


  • Tons of detail and personality in less than 3 inches of toy!
  • The G1 weapons are accurately scaled down to insanely small sizes.
  • Simple transformations.
  • Price point won't even dent the wallet, but you get a good value for the cash.


  • Very tiny joints, so treat those little balls and pins with extreme care!
  • Weapons are so tiny, that a drop in deep carpet or outside will mean they are gone.

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