Wednesday, May 29, 2019

If you want to find something weird you have to go downtown... NECA Mohawk

 Having Gizmo and Stripe I decided to chuck away my resolve and pick up my favorite Gremlin from Gremlins 2... the reincarnation of Stripe:  Mohawk!  This guy came out a few years ago, both at a video game edition as well as the more movie accurate version seen here. Unlike the Ultimate Gremlins toys being released today, Mohawk is very light on accessories... He only includes his uzi machine gun used in both the game and the Splice of Life Genetics Lab of the film.

Details on the sculpt is fantastic. This has tons of color, and the paint used looks glossy and moist, just like his film counterpart.
 Articulation is typical. Neck, jaw, arms, shoulders, legs, knees. Ears don't seem to be articulated on this figure like the Ultimate series. Balance is horrid. He cannot stand without a generic display stand.

 Scales really well with 1/6th scale figures, however Neca hasn't committed to a precise scale for their
 Even though it's from an older series, he scales fantastically with the new Ultimate line of Gremlins.


What-if Gizmo watched anime instead of Rambo?

"I guess they pushed him too far!"


  • Great sculpt. They definitely show their dedication to their craft.
  • Decent articulation. Not as stiff as many NECA product.
  • Scales well with new toys.


  • Very top-heavy. Will not stand without a display stand of some sort (not included).
  • Only has snarl face. Wish he'd have his grinning/cunning face.
  • Only one accessory. Hopefully an eventual Ultimate Mohawk will have a toy train, bottle of spider juice, velcro, etc.

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