Wednesday, May 15, 2019

New Age Manero. He’s on the jazz!

A favorite character of mine, G1 Jazz is the epitome of a cool cat. As Optimus Prime’s number 2, Jazz organized teams and eventually commanded the Moon Base 1 facility. He’s the guy you always want on your side when the funk hits. So to always have a Jazz by your side, New Age has released their little Jazz, “Manero” (yes, a “Saturday Night Fever” reference).

As with their Prowl and Bumblebee, this guy is tiny!  Despite the small nature, he is immaculately detailed. A metallic visor, detailed chest and abdomen adorn this figure. He also comes with his blaster and two shoulder mounted bullhorn speakers.

Articulation is fabulous, with ball joints everywhere, shoulder swings, and a slight ab crunch. Just about everything one could want.

Transformation is a simple fold and tuck, taking less than 5 minutes. The car mode is a fantastic Porsche look-alike. Racing details are crisp. The wheels roll, and The speakers tab into the base of the tail.


  • One of the best Jazz figures on the market, at any scale.
  • Fantastic paint job. Nice and crisp. 


  • Knees have to go in at a precise angle for transformation or it's a no-go.
  • Would love Jazz to have sponsor logos like Toyworld's Whiskey Jack.

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