Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Smokey and the Bandit has BIG competition now! Fanstoys Roadking - MP Motormaster!

 As a kid, I had the Stunticons - Megatron's elite crew of near-intoxicated road rage warriors - but they came out at a time when lots of other teams were released as well, so I never really connected with them. In the cartoons, the came out near the end of Season 2, so the kinda got lost in the massive time shift after the animated movie was released. Several 3rd Party teams are releasing their own take on the combiner team, and while the others held no interest for me, the Fanstoys' Roadking really caught my eye.
 He's huge! Easily one of the largest Decepticon single-figure designs so far, Motormaster is a beast!
Lots of solid diecast, as well as really... and I mean REALLY... tight ratchets. Because of his weight and girth, there aren't a lot of poses that this monster will hold. Even a generic standing pose makes him look like Frankenstein's Monster next to other figures. He comes with only his sword, a gun, and a straight face. All the combiner parts will be released in the future with other Stunticon members.
 Not a lot of paint on this guy, and the molded details are few and far between. If not for the bright purple accents (ones on his chest look like LEGO people heads), I'd swear my camera was in black & white mode. While that is cartoon accurate, a LITTLE splash of color adapted from the G1 toy's stickers would have been nice.

 Motormaster has quite a bit of kibble on his back. Thankfully, similar to MP Sunstreaker and DX9 Carry, it tabs together and holds itself quite well. It's not clean, but it's a small price to pay for an all-in-one transformation from semi to robot.

 Transformation is a nightmare. Yes. NIGHTMARE.  He's got panels. his panels have panels. Some of the panels' panels' panels even have a few panels.  While it's amazing ingenuity to get the whole cab into the leg, and most of the trailer folds up into the back, Motormaster is a headache to transform. I got the rough transformation complete in 15 to 20 minutes, but spent over an hour trying to fine-tune it to tab together. No matter what, I couldn't get everything to line up and stay put.

The truck cab is a beaut. It tabs together really well and rolls. Sadly, the trailer just refused to do my bidding, so we decided to walk away with what little pride we still had intact.

 He's about the same size as Unique Toys' Onslaught, but quite a bit heavier!

 Motormaster: "So... uhh... wanna go grab a beer after the battle?"

Motormaster: "RAAAAAAWWWWRRRR!!!" >>SLICE!<<
Cliffjumper: "Why does this always happen to me?!"

Galvatron: "I tried to tell Michael Bay I'm a laser cannon, but noooo he made me a black, silver, and purple truck. I tried to explain we have union rules, but he wouldn't hear it!"
Motormaster: "It's ok, boss. I understand. At least mayhem was caused in the name of the Decepticons."


  • Solid design. Tons of diecast throughout the figure.
  • Nothing felt fragile or compromised during the transformation.
  • Cab/feet transformation is really amazing. 

  • Trailer refuses to tab together, no matter how much I mess with it.
  • Pin on left leg fake wheels kept falling out.

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