Wednesday, May 22, 2019

"We're poison to you, Spider-Man!" Bullethead The Poison... aka 1:6 scale Venom

Normally I stick to 1:12 scale figures. I can fit more into a shelf, and I'm not a fan of cloth toy outfits. Most look like kids in halloween costumes or pajamas.  When I saw teaser images of Bullethead's "The Poison" ... their take on Spider-Man 3's Venom with a little splash of the Tom Hardy Venom for good measure, I knew I had to get it.  He might not fit in with my other figures, but he dominates the display!  It reminds me of the 90's Spider-Man arcade where Venom is mutated to the size of King Kong.

Overall, this is a BEAUTIFULLY sculpted figure. The face and mouth are absolutely stunning. The cloth costume has a slight texture to it, but it isn't sticky in any way.  Bullethead really did their homework.

Articulation is shoddy, at best. Mouth is fixed into a snarl-like grin. With weak ankles and heavy legs, Venom really fights to stand up. His arms have limited mobility as well. Because the hands and head are on very narrow ball joint pegs, more often than not they will pop off while posing.  That being said, once you find a pose you like, he'll stick it well.

Accessories are few and far between. A few pairs of sharp clawed hands and a base that needs trimmed to fit the stand.
"EEP! Venom possessed King Kong!"

Big issue: the display stand.  It's wonderfully sculpted, but poorly executed. The stand won't fit in the base as designed. The stand required quite a bit of trimming to fit, and it's sad I had to damage what was otherwise a great idea for a stand.

As a display piece, it's awesome. As a "toy" it's limited. If you are a Venom aficionado or want the 1:6 scale Venom of your dreams, this is a fabulous addition to have poised over your Hot Toys Spider-Man.


  • Huge! Easily 14 inches tall. Menacing on the shelf.
  • Face sculpt with tiny strings of slobber makes this perfect. 


  • Articulation is minimal due to clothing and weak joints.
  • Display stand had to be trimmed to fit the stand for the figure. Design fail.

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