Saturday, June 1, 2019

Can you tell me how to get to Neca Scene Street?

An often overlooked part of a display, especially when the collection gets bigger, is the staged scene. Most collections are just figures squished together like bowling pins, staring forward, often with their weapons drawn.  Well, for NECA, that wasn't an option!  Originally available as part of a set with 1990's movie TMNT, NECA released a street scene diorama capable of displaying over 30 6-8" figures. Demand was huge, so it's eventually found it's slightly modified version hitting the mass retail circuit a year or so later.

 When you open the box, it's just layer after layer of plastic squares. After 30 minutes or so of tabbing peg A into slot B and repeat, you are treated to a fantastic three tiered display disguised as a street. First off, this is HUGE. With it's day time/ night time reversal backdrop installed, it's easily 2 ft high and almost as wide. It's about a foot deep, with removable windows, so you can have all sorts of layers to your display, or photographs.

 NECA's artists were their usual detail-oriented selves. Painted dirt and grim on the bricks and windows make this display incredibly realistic and full of character. Even tiny details like a wall A/C system and pipes really makes this pop.

 With every window, wall, and door in a modular piece that easily tabs in, you can configure your
street scene any way you want. Door on the left surrounded by windows? Yup! Switches out in a few seconds!
While I'm usually harsh on NECA about the soft plastic they use for their collectibles, this display is SOLID. Never once did I feel like anything was going to snap during assembly, and once all the support tabs and back display are properly secured, this thing is as solid as any playset from the 80's.

Speaking of 80's, this display, originally seen at a convention with the arcade accurate Turtles, is fantastic for the just about any of the iterations of the Lean Green Fighting Machines. On one display, you can stage several scenes from the various games, comics, or movies!

The narrow roof makes staging roof-top battles, common in the TMNT world, a little squished, but still better than a static shelf display.


 This display works for far more than kungfu terrapins. All manner of 6" through 8" figures can easily blend in with the street's aesthetics. Marvel figures from MAFEX, Diamond Select, and Hasbro's Legends series all look natural.
1:6 even works if you are recreating King Kong type moments from the Spider-Man arcade game from Sega in 1990.

The backdrop's night scene heavily reminds me of the "Can you read my mind" scene from the first Superman film. looks fantastic. The daylight scene on the flipside looks far more static and flat, so I keep mine as a night display.

For fellow photo-bloggers, the multi-level display is great for story-telling action shots.




  • Great detail. Everything is in sections so you make the scene how you want it.
  • Scales perfectly with NECA 7", Figuarts, MAFEX, Hasbro, or other 1:12 figures.
  • Can be daytime or night time.
  • Figures can stand behind some of the windows for a layered effect.
  • Over 30 figures can fit on display at one time.

  • Roof top is too thin to stage battle scenes.
  • Looks flat from certain angles.
  • Might be too big for many displays.

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