Friday, July 5, 2019

Bandai S.H. Figuarts Avengers, Assemble! Part 1. Ironman, Black Panther, and Bucky

Most of my life, I've been fine with the "mass released" toy store type of hero toys. They were fine enough for me.  These days, they don't come with any accessories, use cheaper plastic, and cost half the price of the premium figures. When it comes to premium 1:12 scale figures, few can come close to the articulation, detail, and construction of Bandai's S.H. Figuarts line. Thanks to the fine folks at Megalopolis, I'm slowly swapping out my "old" Avengers toys for these amazing figures. 
 First off, I have TWO Ironman figures. Yes, two.  No, it's not Tony's evil twin, but because in Infinity War Tony used the nanotech technology he adapted from Wakanda technology, the number of accessories to include with Ironman was too many to include with one figure. Bandai's answer: they split them between two.

 The base figures are almost identical. 
 Once you add the arsenals, you see the differences. Above is the Nanotech set 2, which includes the back repulsor array. Below is the Nanotech Set 1 which includes the stabilizers and blades to fight Thanos and his goons. Best of all, you can mix and match most of the accessories and limbs with a simple tab into slot interface.
 Details of both figures are fantastic. There is a lot of heft to them, and they have a metallic look and feel. Articulation is above reproach. Ironman has almost Spider-Man levels of flexibility. These guys are just as much fun to pose as they are to look at. They really are amazing.

 When compared to the more "mainstream" premium Diamond Select Marvel figures, the Figuarts
just blows them out of the water. Articulation, paint, and feel easily justify the price difference.

Can't do an Ironman review without a Super Hero Landing™.

Next up is Captain Bucky Barnes, the former Winter Soldier. This has the same attention to details 
and articulation as Ironman. Instead of an array of weapons, Bucky comes with alternate face (both based on scans of actor Sebastian Stan), his gun, hands, and an explosive crater from the Tamashii Effects line.

 Face isn't perfect from every angle, but still is far better than any other 1:12 scale figure.

The Tamashii Effect crater is great for all sorts of impacts. It can be separated into segments or tabbed onto action stands for all sorts of impact needs. It really is versatile.

 "Wakanda Forever!" The Infinity War Black Panther is a gorgeous figure. The attention to detail can be seen in the tiny stitching of the costume, as well as the silver vibranium claws and highlights that have no overspray. It's almost perfect. Black Panther comes with alternate hands, helmet without the eye shields, and a set of Tamashi Effects rocks that double as a stand.

Hard to do this pose with most action figures. Figuarts manages it as if it was second nature.


  • Mind blowing articulation. 
  • Likeness is as close as you can get without going with a 12" figure.
  • Accessories extend the enjoyment of the figures and make every display different and vibrant.
  • Lots of tiny peg-into-hole accessories. Care is needed when switching, to avoid costly breakages. 
  • Price is high for such tiny toys, but they do earn their keep.
  • Certain poses create gaps in the figures that is unsightly.

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