Thursday, July 4, 2019

NECA Spider-Gremlin... does whatever a Spider-Gremlin does!

The climatic scene in Gremlins 2 is the epic battle between Rambo Gizmo and a spider-DNA enhanced Mohawk. NECA brings the mayhem home with their ginormous Spider Gremlin figure.
This guy is huge! The head and torso are standard Gremlin toy size, but adding in the spider parts makes him a giant piece. Paint apps aren't as crisp and clean as many other NECA figures, but the molded details and attention to details make up for it. 

 The spider half of this mutated menace really looks creepy! The legs come uninstalled in the box, and you must soak each leg in warm water before inserting into the ball sockets. It's a pain. Literally. The spider legs have pointy edged spikes that are right where you need to apply pressure to get the legs in.

 Face is just UGLY. Not much else to say about it! He really looks like a psychotic monster.

 They even molded in the icky little spikes on the thorax as seen in the movie. Just fantastic!

The only accessory he comes with is the spider mutagen for regular Mohawk.


  • Amazing size! Easily 12" across the leg span.
  • Decent articulation for such a spindly figure. Even the torso has articulation.
  • Display stand is included.

  • Paint is sloppier than many other gremlin toys. 
  • Legs are a nightmare to assemble.
  • Only one accessory, the DNA vial. Would have liked some customized fire effects or even some cheap Halloween webbing.

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