Saturday, August 10, 2019

I must possess ALL, or I possess NOTHING! Mondo 1/6 scale Skeltor

The next in the wave of Mondo's 1/6 scale Masters of the Universe line has been released, and it is Skeletor, the Lord of Snake Mountain! He looks amazing! The majority of the body and articulation are shared between He-Man and Skeletor, so I won't dwell too much on it here.

Siiiiilence! I kill you!

 Whereas He-Man took many artistic liberties to appear more barbarian, Skeletor is pure 80's villain magic. All the little details are here from the old 80's toys and the 200x update. He really looks fantastic.

 Skeletor comes with a plethora of accessories as well. He has his "evil versions" of He-Man's Power Sword, axe, short sword, Old School face, and instead of a shield, Skeletor comes with his dark arts Havoc Staff, which actually looks menacing!
 Skeletor's "really? why?" accessory is the little dog from the Christmas special. This little beastie made Skeletor "feel good" and he disliked that immensely!

 Skeletor looks fantastic next to He-Man. They really do make a matched set.

While a great point of articulation, Skeletor's mouth opening really only gives him a look of surprise. 

"Now I've.... had...

 the time of my life.....

 No, I never felt like this before...

 Yes I swear it's the truth...

 And I owe it all to you!" 


  • Well built. Solid plastic, durable soft pieces.
  • Details are amazing. The demon sorcerer never looked better.
  • Tons of accessories. Even the box wrapping makes a great Snake Mountain background.

  • Havoc staff is heavy, and makes posing Skeletor a hassle at times. 
  • Keldor (Skeletor's mortal name) is mentioned on the box, but no Keldor head is included.

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