Saturday, September 28, 2019

Nanya looks for a team

Nanya continues to look for belonging in the Multiverse. She thinks that maybe joining a team will give her new purpose...

Ironman: "Uh... We aren't really taking new pledges right now... See, we got a giant AND an archer already... but I'll definitely keep your number!"

Punisher: "Well, actually, I work alone. Besides, It's not the same when my enemies are
so scared they instantly surrender... I need at least a broken nose and 2 ribs per encounter!"

Nanya: "You're so cute, Bee, but I'm not getting very deep conversation from you."
Bumblebee: "Wrrrruuuuuooooo"

Optimus Prime: "Remember, Nanya... Freedom is the right of all sentient beings..."
Nanya: "But not raptors, right? I mean, Decepticons are sentient and you peel off their faces... so..."

Nanya: "Aren't you just the cutest robo-stegosasaurusus! Yes you are! Say cheese!"
Slag: "No join Dinobots! Me, Slag, No like babytalk!"

Mikey: "Hey Raph, think Master Splinter will let us keep her? She brought beer AND pizza!"
Raph: "Mikey, she's too big to fit in the lair."
Nanya: "I'm more of a woods elf.  I think a Dark elf would be more at home in a sewer. Thanks though..."

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