Sunday, October 20, 2019

Nanya's Costume Dilemma... Happy Halloween!

After a long summer of hunting time-displaced raptors and evils from around the multiverse, Nanya is ready for a break!  She hears about the festival of All Hallow's Eve, and definitely wants to satisfy her sweet tooth. But first, she needs a costume!

She wanders about and comes across a sword. An odd item to be sure. Not wanting anyone to get hurt by it, she picks it up....

 As soon as her fingers touch the sword, she feels compelled to say...
"For the honor of Grayskull!"

"What the...?! These are NOT mine!" 

Nanya tosses aside the sword and reverts to her regular self. She heads over to Avengers Tower to see if maybe there is a leftover costume there that would work for her. Sitting on the floor is Thor's magical hammer, Mjolnir. Only one worthy of the power of Thor can lift it.



Disappointed in Avengers Tower, she heads off. After what seems like endless walking, Nanya finds herself in San Francisco. She sees a black puddle of ooze slither towards her.

"Wonder if this costume looks good... WHA?! ICK! This is disgusting!!"

Nanya wrestles with the symbiote, desperate to get it to detach. During the chaos, they cause several large explosions, and the symbiote is weakened by the fire and sound  Nanya is able to peel it off and cast it aside. Feeling rejected, the symbiote resumes it's search for Eddie Brock.

Deciding that there is no easy way to get a costume, Nanya gathers the materials to make her own.

 With a motley crew of fellow Trick Or Treaters, Nanya heads out into the night, searching for a fun time and some sweets.

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