Thursday, November 28, 2019

Prime told me there'd be days like this... Masterpiece Bumblebee 2.0 MP-45

 Bumblebee is the next in the list of Masterpiece reboots.  Originally released a few years ago for MP-21, many were not thrilled with the Superbeetle altmode, the orange-yellow color, and several design choices.  They tried again, and have just released MP-45.  This guy looks almost like he stepped out of the animation!
 This guy looks great from the front. He's thin, and has very dynamic articulation for a figure so tiny.
He comes with a few face choices, a blast effect that falls off, and his tiny pistol that doesn't tab well into his hand. He also comes with a slightly larger "Spike" figure that doesn't scale well with the people figures that came with MP-45.

 From the side and back, Bumblebee loses some of his cuteness. He's got a lot of kibble that hangs off in an unsightly mess.

He looks good, but he is a floppy mess of a figure from the hips down. He's very floppy, and posing can take several tries.

 Transformation is not nearly as fun as previous Masterpiece figures. There isn't a "wow" moment. It's really just trying to carefully avoid bending the tiny plastic pieces.  Car mode is adorable!  He's a tiny Pennyracer VW Beetle.  For you youngins, Pennyracers were a type of toy in the late 70's early 80's that had a tiny pull motor and had a slot for a penny to be inserted.
 While cute, getting it to tab together is a headache. Once you get the doors to tab, the bumper gets lose. Push in the bumper, and the fenders untab. Basically, it is an adorable nightmare.

  MP45 is a HUGE improvement in the looks department compared to the tubby orange MP21.  Both have a bit of kibble, but MP45 really feels like a more polished figure because of the lack of arm gaps, articulated fingers, hip panels, and more dynamic shoulders.
 Vehicle mode, MP21 cleans up way better than MP45. Unfortunately for 21, he's the wrong type of Beetle, and the wrong color. Mp45 really hits all the right nostalgia buttons.

We are family! I got all my Bumblebees with me!

Wheeljack: "We gotta get these energon conductors back to Iacon!"
Bumblebee: "I'm right behind ya!"

"Hey Grimlock! Try stepping on a bug!"


  • Very animation accurate for something so small. 
  • Pennyracer mode is a welcomed correction of a "fatal flaw" of MP21.


  • Floppy mess from the waist down.  He likes to fall backwards a LOT.
  • With minimal accessories and such a tiny figure, he doesn't feel like a Masterpiece worth the MSRP. Find it on sale.
  • Lots of kibble that could probably have been engineered better. Some way to lock everything into place. 

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